IT industries and its futures

Following the history of IT industries, it seems that the trend moves forward networking from client-server system.

At present, the most hottest word in IT industry is "crowd computing." Even considering into opinions against this, many people would admit that grid computing is gradually and steadily prevailing IT environment.

- How such networked society will affect IT industries?

I'm now thinking that "open innovation" will be one of keywords to answer this question. Many vital softwares related to networking have been born in the sphere of networking.

For example, many communication careers and manufacturers are grappling developments of platforms of mobile phone together. Google has developed an open platform,"Android," and is about to market its product embedded it by cooperating with manufacturers such as Nokia, NEC etc. Also Limo from embedded Linux has now been produced as commercialized phone.

Actually, I am wondering if this trend is good or not for IT industry. Regrettably, it seems IT companies are forced into wars of attrition despite their intention. Price of products becomes falling down at once just after a new release, and companies are coerced into putting next new products in the market after and after.

Which is the best track IT industry should go forward?

This question is very hard to answer. Probably, many people cast doubt on the notion such answer is meaningful for real world at the first place, "business players has to run anyway at the environment provided before them - they have no time to stop to think a while."

Even if such prediction is not an easy task, I believe it would be meaningful enough to use my brain as one person who believes in splendid future of IT society.

The following is memo for my memory...
(Sure, these are still under construction.)


- Wintel dominance
- ('93) Louis Gerstner assumed CEO of ibm
- ibm sold its networking enterprize to AT&T
- ibm had already suffered the loss of PC

- moderate transition from client-server system to networking
- "grid computing"
- virtualization

- "crowd computing"

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