Recently, I've got two foreign friends whom I exchange emails with. One is living in Canada. The other is living in Tokyo now, but she's from Florida. Both of them are very nice and accessible.

Beside the relationships between us, I feel the importance of knowing natural English foreigners are using actually. She, from Florida, is still young and speaks really youger people's English. She taught me many slangs they often use. And, another she, from Canada, is not so young, and very polite and uses very decent English. I am learning from both of them that English is very changeable depending on persons using it.

Anyway, learning English is not the most important purpose when I am with foreign friends. I would like to keep warm the precious relationships with them.


Did my work!

Recently, I had a great experience in my job. That was amazing for me. That thing is just during four days but I can say that that is tantamount to ten years.

Whenever I go to new place or new environment, as traveling overseas is also applied, I feel that meeting people is the most exciting. This time is also that I can say so.

During four days, I met many people. Here, I cannot write that, but all of them I met are very smart, responsible, kind, generous and accessible. I am feeling now that I could know that some person is what a person is like.

Also, I learned that how I should act in global situation. It is very important that I dive into a person without hesitation believing in the notion that people are just people, not something fearful.

Once opening a window, there has been a beautiful scenary -- that is the word which applies to my present feeling now. And I mean that I always should open a window of universe.