Declaration to be a Futurist

Today, I finished reading the book titled as "Declaration to be a Futurist" authored by Mochio Umeda and Kenichiro Mogi. Umeda is a journalist concentrating on IT issues and Mogi is a researcher on cerebral science belonged to SONY.

They are really optimistic to futures of IT. They believes infinite possibilities from it and they strictly refuse negative views against them.

To tell the truth, I felt a little bit they are too optimistic about risks with IT. But, concurrently, I felt that they will lead our future.

They say in their book that what we should think is not that what our future will be, but that what future we want and how we built it. This is a good word.

Then, since today I've started to read the next book, the Intel CEO, Andrew S. Grove's "Only the Paranoid Survive."

Actually I thought to read Ishigro's novel next but I changed my mind because now I really feel I need to intake much knowledge on IT environments and need to think how IT or IT industries are going forward or what we should do for such future trends.

Grove's English is clear and I guess that it's comparatively easy to read all regardless of the volume. Last week I have read the ex-IBM CEO Gartsner's book "Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?" and I could know about one of the biggest footprints in IT sphere. So next is I think Intel. To think future, I am feeling that I need to know its history. So I am really looking forward to my creating new ideas after digesting such heritage left by great managements.

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