Movie "SATC"

Two days ago, I watched the movie of "Sex and the City (SATC)." Maybe this movie divides two type of people who like SATC and who do not. I'm the former. Since I watched it at the first time, I've been a huge fan of the drama.

Why do I like it? Because I didn't know the kind of other drama like SATC, which features what women in 30s or more are feeling and thinking. I could easily be grossed in the feelings of Carrie, Miranda, Charotte, and maybe Samantha (laugh.. but I like Samanatha's presonality best among them).

Watching the one scene, I could feel some reality for women at the generation. That scene was that at the wedding Carrie smashed her bouquet at Mr. Big who could not enter the site of the ceremony. Until their engagement, she was betrayed by him repeatedly, but despite such events, she thought second and kept her love. Her love, however, was betrayed again at the most important time for women. I felt really sorry with her. Women want to believe a man, but always betrayed...

In the movie, I could find some worthy and impressive words. One is, Miranda said to Steve, "you criticize me?" That's the word I also want to say (laugh).

Also, I was impressed by the word "Miranda never looked back..." This mean, after decision to reconcile with Steve, Miranda decided not to see her backwards. I like this kind of words. I also want not to look back my bad memories, instead to see only futures or new possibilities.

This movie is really good! I would like recommend men and women in thirties, forties, and also more than that who wants to know what is love. We are always the existance who have some complications, but for us it is very important to keep following my own happiness...