my positive life

In these days, I feel I should bring myself to be more independent, stronger, nicer to friends, brighter, happier or in any way be more positive. After keeping hold a hurt feeling and pondering the meaning of a life, I could get one idea as of now.

People cannot avoid some severe happenings through our lives. As sometimes we cannot do anything against that, we can do only accepting those things as they are.

It is easier for us to keep devastated from various kinds of sufferings. In my guess people can keep suffering during a long time they want. However, I think that a person shouldn't be there for a long time. God gave us an ability to forget. This ability is so strong that we forget anything, even one that we never want to forget forever. But anyway thanks for that, hurt feeling becomes cured little by little in the course of our everyday life.

I need to be smily, gentle, generous and kind to people around me. Rather than staying depressed and being at loss, I have to be a person who can help my family and friends when they are in hardships and give a happy feeling even a little in such cases.

The person whom I now respect is Reiko Chiba. Although she is famous ex-idle (celebrity) and the president of IT company, in fact she keep suffering from her mental illness and also her son's. Reading her blog several years ago when she was suffered from more severe mental situations, I can feel her hurt feeling from her depression. She was sad, got devastated, I could get that really easily.

However, she, which I think she is great, kept trying to help others even in that situation. She started to do yoga, brushed up yoga techniques or knowledge intensively, and opened yoga studio. People get together around her. This must be from her personality and her firm belief which she want to save someone. There are a clear and pure belief which only a person through harsh experiences can reach, which I always feel and respect. And I want to be such a person who can share someone's hurt feelings and also happiness.