Anywhere comfortable

I'm now searching anywhere comfortable to move in, but Tokyo (or Kanto) is too huge to find "my" place.

I have a number of requirements for my place. I know it's verrrry difficult to find "the" room. Followings are just my dreams...

- I love to see a big sky. A place where there are no high buildings are good. Due to the same reason, a place not packed by many buildings is good.

- Green is indispensable for my life. A place where there is no green is not good. Boulevard trees are nice. Also a big park near my house is nice, but I have strict preference on it, not so many parks are suitable for my taste.

- Commuting is still my problem. I do not like to see a huge lump of people in my everyday life. Thus I hate to use Shinjuku and Shibuya station in my commute. Actually I haven't ever commute via those stations, but I can easilly guess how their congestions are in mornings.

- Hopefully, short commuting time is better, but even if it takes time to commute, if I loved that place, I wouldn't mind it.

- I like a bright room penetrated by sunlight. A bright room makes my mind happy. A corner room which can easily get more sunlight is very nice. West-faced room, however, is not good because it will be too hot in summer.

- The nearer a pool, a gym, a public library, a glocery store, are, the more preferable as my place.

I'm now thinking seriously where is my place, and I'm about to find several choices. As I have some time to decide on it, I am still planning to visit new places.

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