A Little Tired

Here, I can't help admit my tiredness... I know that it would be positive if I could say that I did not care anything about. I know why. I always sit up late at night. I do not like to get asleep.

Recently, my Sundays and Saturdays are filled by going to the cramschool(Tatsumi). I usually take two classes a day, one of which takes about 3 hours and a half. Also sometimes I need to take some English exams or mock exams.

I'm busy with those works, but I know at the same time that is good for me. If I have free time, I might think useless trifles.

Last weekends, I didn't go to the cramschool at all because I had to complete to prepare my reports for my job. This report was supposed to be submitted in May, so I didn't prepare so well. At first, I was upset about that for a while.

The work, however, was not so huge or troublesome. If I can put together pieces of my little knowledge, a report seemed to be finished, and actually that was. On Sunday, I slept almost all day because I suffered from hangover because of cacktails on Friday. And on Saturday I could go to the gym for my favorite Yoga class. I felt that my body recovered at all.

And today, I am feeling tired again. Last night I went to bed at 3 am. I know I need, no, must get good deep sleep, but I can't although I don't know why. But anyway I am now tired, so I hope I can sleep tonight...