Gold Medal of Japan's Softball Team !!

Recently, I'm crazy about watching the softball games in Olympic Games.

When I was a school girl, I really liked watching softball games and also joined in the softball club. I was a outfielder and not a good slugger actually, but anyway I can say that I at that time was really absorbed in playing softball. I kept running of 2 kilometers everyday, exercising my mustles, participating in the club everyday, and training myself even if I skipped the classes in the school. ;D

After watching the softball games in Olympic Games, I restarted my training. Last week, I went to the gym and ran 8 kilometers in about one and a half hours (I know this may be on a slow pace, but it's ok for me and for a start). Now I mean to earn more distance by more training (My goal is a marathon!).

Also, I checked the website of Pia (ticket shop website) and bought tickets of Japan League in autumn. The ticket covers several games in the Hodogaya ballpark, which includes the game of Hitachi Software and Leopalace 21. Hitach has Rei Nishiyama, SS of the Olympic team, and other 2 Olympic players. Also Leopalace's captain is Rie Sato, 1B of the Olympic team. Nishiyama and Sato are my favorite players (I confess that I am a huge fan of them.). Even now, I am really excited about the plan of going to watch their play and can't wait the time is coming!!!


First posting

This is the first post in Blogger. Still now I have little idea what I should write. But, one thing I can say is that I want to be really like as I am through expressing myself in this site. Maybe sometimes that is like exploring in unknown world, which is even within myself.

In everyday life, I feel pressure that I should act rightly and I should adjust myself into the right way of thinking or common knowledge. By such kinds of thinking, I am always tired. I guess and believe that those who have such kind of thinking is not only me.

Here, I would like to seek myself, the way I am. So I titled this blog "That's the way of my life". I guess that I am the last person I do know what this site will be going in future. But that is very exciting for me.