start point

I feel a little bit hard to say openly that I restart to study to take the NY bar exam. So I would like to say here to do that.

I'm now supposed to change my position in my job in July, then it will be difficult to attend the class in the lawschool after my work because new job will make me stay at the office late at night.

Therefore, I plan now to take recess the course of the lawschool unless circumstances will not change although I know that I should go to the lawschool without such recess and prepare the Japanese bar exam.

I cannot quit my job for the time being, however, I need to continue my job. So I've thought now that during the recess I would like to take the NY bar exam again.

In fact, I don't know if I can take several or more days off my work and go to NY at the new workplace, but I want to take my efforts on it.

I know that I am the person who can't stop doing my best to something. So here I vow to do my best also from now on and push the restart button. ;)

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