hay fever

Also I am suffering from hay fever... Maybe it will keep annoying me until the beginning of this summer. This allergy makes me feel so bad by itchy nose and uncountable sneezes.

A day before yesterday, I watched several stories of the American TV series "Pepper Denis," called by "Koi-suru Anchor Woman" in Japanese. This drama is about the female reporter of TV news of the station in Chicago. She dreams to be an anchor woman of WEiE News, has many experiences through the job of a reporter, and have a secret crush on the co-worker.

I've watched the drama with English caption. And I felt again that I have so many words or expessions naturally used in common situations I don't know. It is right that if I do not know such expressions, at the same time I would not be able to listen to them correctly. This kind of natural expressions are still so many...

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