Doblog keeps out-of-service for several weeks, which is enough long to make me change the blog ("yuina") into the other service...

And I guess that also NTTData (the administrator) is now thinking the same thing. The company has just started to offer the exporting tool for users to move out.

Doblog is my first blog. And I've been feeling something warm to Doblog. Even if Doblog stopped its service many times, I kept using it and stuck to it...

Anyway, it may be a time that I should change my main blog...into Blogger. Blogger offers the import tool, which is just like a saviour for not only me but Doblog.

In moving the blog, I am now considering how well the characteristics of each my three blogs (yuina / That's the way of my life / to be a lawyer) should be positioned.

It'll be good that "To be a lawyer" should be a diary for my goal to be a lawyer in both US & Japan. Then, this blog "That's the way of my life" will be my English blog, which I can write anything freely in English. The main purpose of this blog is improvement of my writing skills. At the last, "yuina" will keep my main blog in Japanese. So yuina keeps more general than other two blogs.


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