Did my work!

Recently, I had a great experience in my job. That was amazing for me. That thing is just during four days but I can say that that is tantamount to ten years.

Whenever I go to new place or new environment, as traveling overseas is also applied, I feel that meeting people is the most exciting. This time is also that I can say so.

During four days, I met many people. Here, I cannot write that, but all of them I met are very smart, responsible, kind, generous and accessible. I am feeling now that I could know that some person is what a person is like.

Also, I learned that how I should act in global situation. It is very important that I dive into a person without hesitation believing in the notion that people are just people, not something fearful.

Once opening a window, there has been a beautiful scenary -- that is the word which applies to my present feeling now. And I mean that I always should open a window of universe.

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